The Lychgate

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Lychgate – by Paul A M Palmer

The corpse of my old life
Lies by the lychgate.
I travelled here by ways and means
I never really understood,
And now I’m here.

My many sins were written
In the sand upon this shore,
But His love is like the ocean
That wipes them from my life,
So now I’m here.

I am standing at the threshold;
A thousand thoughts of doubt
Delay my steps towards the light –
I can’t look back at my demise,
Not now I’m here.

I see the doorway and sense a love
That I have yearned for all my days
But was distracted by the endless
Sirens of my selfishness and sloth,
Yet now I’m here.

I make that step, and all is light
Emanating from a sky of stars
And suns all heavenly bright
I shall not fear or fall any more
For He is here.

© 2015 Paul A M Palmer

This beautiful poem was written after a visit to the Lychgate Cottages, home of Coventry Prayer House. Lych is an old English or Saxon word meaning dead body or corpse. The Lychgate is a gateway covered with a roof found at the entrance to a traditional English or English-style churchyard under which a bier rests during the initial part of the burial service. Whilst our gateway is long gone, it lives on in the name of the once adjoining cottages.

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