Turn Back the Battle at the Gates

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Coventry Prayer House is right on the ball with the heart of God and we are very excited about what God is doing and planning to do in and through the house and the city of Coventry.

Below are the words for the song, ‘Turn Back the Battle at the Gates.’
They really do seem to summarise the prophesies for Coventry on the wall by the downstairs fireplace.

Come let us seek
Peace for the City
for in its welfare
We will have peace
Though its been scarred
by sin and bloodshed
the day is turning
City be healed.

We will….
Turn back the battle at the gates (all 12 of them!!!!)
Turn back the battle at the gates
See the host of angel armies
and the Captain’s ready sword
As we turn back the battle at the gates.

I hear the sound
the trumpet calling
Let troops be willing
Across this field
to lift Jesus high
Put back his standard
The day is turning

Godfrey Birtill. 2004 Whitefield Music UK

I lived in Coventry before I became a Christian and for me it was a place of pain, trauma, sin and despair. Coming to the Prayer House God showed me that there is a city full of people who are where I was before Jesus rescued, cleansed and healed me. I used to loath Coventry for what happened to me in it but God has done a mighty work in my heart so that I can now share his heart of love for this city. I think somehow I am being ‘sent’ back to Coventry for his purposes.

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