Why I believe Coventry City is about to be impacted by the Holy Spirit

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30 years ago on 6th December 1980 one winters night the Holy Spirit invaded my bedroom, no preaching, no teaching just pure power and presence, this amazing encounter led to my eyes being opened to the revelation that Jesus is the only way to God the father and Jesus is the one who baptises individuals with the Holy Spirit and with Fire. An encounter with the living God transforms one’s life, you still have the ability to sin but amazingly you do not have to you can choose to say no when you are Born Again.

About five days later I think, I know it was a Tuesday evening; Holy Spirit inspired me to attend my first “Church” meeting because of the situation I found myself in. I knew I needed some power from God as we were experiencing strong Demonic attacks. All manner of strange things were happening but I no longer felt fearful of these manifestations. Holy Spirit himself was allowing me at this early stage in my Christian walk to realise that Believers when filled with the Holy Spirit have authority over Spirits of darkness, when they command them to leave in Jesus name, . Cannot remember what was spoken about at the bible study just knew I needed to go forward for prayer, as I was going to receive some Kingdom power, after the preach I walked forward and knelt at the front of a small Pentecostal church. The pastor spoke to the congregation saying something like “some of you have been Christians years and you have not faced the levels of the Demonic that are in this young man’s area of influence, he wants us to pray for him. Then he placed his hands upon my head and I connected with Heaven itself Power like electricity coarsed through my body I was wrapped in divine love it felt like liquid gold my eyes were closed but the brightness was intense such an amazing encounter my body felt as if it was vibrating and I could have stayed in that presence for the rest of eternity…….then I felt like a new language was welling up in me but I did not speak it out……at this point I had not heard of the gift of tongues…did not know what was happening. As I arose from the floor I felt as if the world was conquerable with my new found friend the Holy Spirit.

Two days later I was reading the Gospel of Luke and chp 4

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and the recovery of sight for the blind to release the oppressed. To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.

As I read this my spirit was so excited this is me I was thinking, until I suddenly realised this was Jesus talking, I dropped my Bible to the floor and thought who do I think I am that was about Jesus not me. Then I sensed the Holy Spirit say “Go into Coventry City to Shelton Square and you will see this happen you are called to this City. I thought what can I say I do not know much I have only been a Christian about a week.

This experience has been one of the motivating forces in my life, I am totally convinced Christians in Coventry will see or hear of miracles on the City streets the Blind will see, Cripples will walk the Deaf will receive their hearing, all manner of folk will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit on the street as they receive prayer, addicts will receive freedom from their bondage and the dead will be raised……

Why do I believe this still after thirty years…….well?

About seventeen years ago A presbytery was being held at the fellowship I was apart of. This is where guys with a prophetic ministry were visiting from the USA. The leaders of the “church” were asked to go through this presbytery as one of cell group leaders I was duly asked to go through this I replied I would rather not be put forward, as I knew that if my Heavenly Dad wanted to speak via the prophets he would and did not need me to be pushed forward.

The weekend of these meetings arrived and on the Sunday eve as the Guys were speaking into someone else’s life the Holy Spirit dropped into my heart that on the Monday evening one of the guys would have a word of encouragement for me he even pointed the one out who would do this I shared this with a close friend.

The following evening I was working and was only able to arrive at the meeting as they were singing the last song my mate said “ What on earth are you doing coming this late you have missed it all”

I replied “ You will see that guy over there has a word for me”

About three minutes later as the Pastor was closing the meeting the guy I pointed started to move his feet I said to my mate “here we go” He asked the pastor for the microphone and proceeded to say “ The guy at the back in the white shirt you just came in come down here please I have a word from the Lord for you.

He then continued “Son tonight is the night to report for duty the Lord is promoting you to the rank of an Evangel to this City, and as you go onto the streets the sick will be healed, the addicts set free ,you will track them down and sniff them out others will start to join with you as you a the leader of the army of the outside forces”.

Have seen this happen over the years in a small way but it is about to break out in a greater measure I believe, the following reasons for my conviction ,

Before going to Cuba one December I had a very vivid dream one evening in which I was walking through a City similar to Coventry all the people were running around like busy ants carrying their designer bags full of shopping, and God said stop and preach I replied “Don’t be silly no one ever wants to listen when I preach on the streets, again he said tell them about me, I replied the same, then he shouted just stop and speak and watch.” This time I stopped and started to tell of his love and goodness but everyone kept merrily ignoring me and walking straight past mostly without even acknowledging my existence still I carried on ,gradually a change in the sky started clouds started coming over the city until eventually there was a great darkness covering the city, the people started to slow down still ignoring me but looking at the sky until they all stopped moving, I carried on speaking, suddenly the earth started to shake, the shoppers were putting their bags down on the ground as the shaking started, I carried on speaking, now the shaking intensified and the darkness became almost totally black, people could no longer stand they were on their knees I carried on speaking and now felt energised by the Holy Spirit. The shaking started to cause buildings to crack the only person standing was me, people started to call out in fear, then in the sky a portal opened up and a beam of light engulfed me I was the only person standing and all of the people were now looking at me crying out to God ………and I awoke quite taken a back.

Three years ago I managed to secure a place with one of my friends on a trip to Orlando for a face to face conference with Reinhard Bonnke the Christ for all Nations Evangelist. We were chosen out of seven thousand applicants from around the world, only fifty places, we managed to get there and for the first time in my life I had no spare cash to fund the trip, but praise God gifts were given to me, one that really touched me was given by a newlywed couple who told me whilst they were on Honeymoon they saw a picture while on the beach of me and knew they should give me a gift I was not wanting to take it as they had just got married and debated with them if they really beleived they should do this, when they gave me the gift I shared with them that I was invited to Orlando and the amount they had just given me was the exact amount I needed to complete the money needed to fund the trip this all happened in the City centre as we walked around praying and sharing.

On the Sunday before the trip whilst showering whilst getting ready to go to the fellowship we were attending at that point in time, I thought Lord why has it taken 27 years for you to set this appointment up I had felt in my heart for years that Reinhard should lay his hands upon me, please realise I knew that he would not transfer his anointing on to me, as I already have my own flame with my name on it, but he could impart some spiritual dimension into my Spirit. Felt the Holy Spirit say “ Look at Moses he saw a mass exodus from Egypt this is what you will see in this City, I am going to come in an unprecedented way you watch you have a part in this” I said hold on John get a grip who do you think you are.

Whilst dressing I relayed the above to my wife and made the statement” if the preacher mentions Moses he has my attention today.”

About an hour later the preacher that morning walked forward to speak carrying alking stick. He stood at the front of the fellowship and said something like “ I do not need this stick but on my way out of the house felt I should pick it up as an illustration, Moses held up his rod and declared “Let my people Go” to Pharaoh, just felt I should do that he said putting the walking stick down man had he got my attention. Then he proceeded to say my sermon is entitled “ GOD HAS GIVEN YOU THE CITY”

My heart inside cried thanks Lord I will take it for you job accepted.

This was in November the following September felt challenged to go into a village just out side the City and to prayer walk the village believing for a miracle, which would draw people into a venue we were meeting in.

Whilst setting this up I visited a few old friends in this village to see if they wanted to be involved, some declined due to various reasons, one lady whom declined was really happy to see us, it had been about ten years since we last spent time together, she had been involved in a Christian mime troupe which we headed up.

As we chatted my wife said share with her that dream you had about a city just before we went to Cuba. I said “Why would she want to hear that” “I think you should share it my wife replied, “OK”

I proceeded to share the dream but as I said “ I decided to listen to God and started to speak” she stopped me “ don’t tell me anymore I already know, a few years ago I went into a friend’s house in Exhall and on the wall was a picture of Coventry with its three spires, over the City were really dark clouds apart from one area where a shaft of light was coming down in the City centre, I used to think this was Shelton square as we used to go in there” I was absolutely amazed “ Then she said “ I asked my friend where she got it from and she replied it was a vision I had and I commissioned an artist to paint it, …………interesting I thought yet something else to ponder in my heart.

Jesus is on the Streets
Jesus is on the Streets

‘Jesus Is On The Streets’ has been birthed out of all of this, along with my friend’s deep conviction of the same vision. A ministry to hopefully bring Christians together breaking down denominational barriers whilst encouraging believers to share their individual God stories, pointing people to the truth “ The Kingdom is at hand”, praying for unbelievers and the sick where ever we go, at home, at work, at play.

Recently on Friday the 27th November 2010 driving into the city A very strong sense came over me that there was a cloud the size of a hand over the city, which is going to develop into heavy rain clouds. Then whilst worshipping I saw in my mind’s eye Very heavy rain on the streets of the city and in the natural course of events people all heading in doors. Strange I thought it is raining heavy outside but everyone are in doors, making sure they stayed dry. Could it be God was saying I will pour my Spirit out on all flesh……on all flesh……..on all flesh……..on all flesh? Looking forward to the Holy Spirit impacting Coventry in an unprecedented way…………..

Let’s all keep watching and listening

Church “Arise shine for your light has come”

The City is given to us we must move in to posses the land.

John Palmer

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