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Coventry Prayer House

The Coventry Prayer House (CPH) rejoice in the goodness of God, his presence and the work of his Spirit in calling his people in our city to deeper prayer and unity at such a time as this. The CPH community has over 450 regular prayers using the house from over 50 churches across the city. Our retreat centre has now been open for a full year and we have had the privilege of offering hospitality to about 160 retreatants. Each have found a place of peace and encounter with God in the ’21st century style monastic prayer cells – in the middle of busy lives in the middle of our busy city’. Our regular Celtic retreats have been especially popular.

God’s presence remains strong in the house and has increased this year since he asked us to redesign the Holy of Holies room with gold fabric and a model of the ark of the covenant.arc2

The CPH is committed to praying blessing over Coventry and has developed a rhythm of prayer and blessing that is shared each day with Christians and not-yet-Christians in the house. God has been absolutely faithful in blessing us too with his provision; at times to the pound and at the final moment, so we continue to trust him for our needs. It is possible that we will need to relocate in the next year so please do join us in prayer as we trust God for the CPH to remain somewhere on the ancient monastic site.

The CPH participated in the Heritage Open Day weekend again this September. The guided historical tours were jam packed and the day, complete with a Benedictine monk and St Osburga in full costume, was enjoyed by all. Our most recent event was a Healing Day on October 8th led by a fabulous team from Flame International. Over 40 people were inspired by the fabulous teaching and encountered the healing power of God.

Events for 2017 include a Bible Reading Marathon where we plan to invite churches to participate in proclaiming the entire word of God across our city. There will be another 24/7 prayer week at Pentecost praying ‘Your kingdom come and come Holy spirit’. We believe these events are significant as the coming together of God’s Word and Spirit towards God’s promised renewal and transformation of our city..and beyond. In 2017 we will send prayer teams to stand alongside other uk cities and their Houses of Prayer as we believe God wants to deepen unity amongst his praying people across the land. If you would like to get involved in the CPH’s life or events, or want to find out more, please do get in touch.

Jo Ognjanovic

Director Coventry Prayer House

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