National Prophecies

Here are a number of prophecies for the UK relevant to 2018 which we at Coventry Prayer House would like to share with you in order to challenge and encourage you in this year.

An Important Word for the UK – Prophetic Word for 2018
Pat Brown 30 December 2017

A stormy time is approaching and it is coming because I am about to really move in power in the UK and the enemy wants to disrupt this. Fear not for you know well that I have already won the victory!
Stand firm in my name; put on the armour I have given you and listen for my voice. Keep your eyes fixed on me because there is an acceleration of my work coming in the new year and I want my children to be ready to move forward in my power when I give the word.
There is no ‘one way’ to move forward; I will be calling various individuals and groups to move in different ways but the main thrust is that I want to take back all the land that the enemy has stolen over the years and to reclaim it in the name of Jesus.  This will be like doing a complex jigsaw; there will be many groups working in different ways and it may appear at times to be a bit messy, more like a conflict, but I know what I have planned so it will be vital to keep looking to me, to listen for my voice, and to be completely obedient!

Do not be concerned that others will be doing things and moving in different ways for I am in control and will bring the whole process together as long as you hear me and are obedient.  This will be a large and complex work and will take time so look to me for my strength and power and do not be tempted to move in your own strength; this will be demanding and tiring work.  When Jonah spoke to Nineveh the people repented and turned back to me; so too will this nation turn back to me as I speak through my children.

There are many links that have been developed between this nation and other countries over the years and I am planning that the work of salvation here in the UK will flow through these links to these other countries. This process will follow on as areas of the UK are claimed back and salvation comes.
I am excited about this whole process as I have longed for the UK to turn back to me – a nation that has drifted further and further away from me and my ways.  Take heart my children, for I have heard your prayers and I am now ready to move in power and release this nation from slavery to sin just as I released my people from slavery in the days of Moses.
However, as this work progresses do remember to remain faithful to me and don’t look back and grumble as my people did in Moses’ time; they had to spend longer in the wilderness because of their grumbling and I do not want this for you. So keep your eyes fixed on me; be still and listen for my voice and above all be obedient to me my children, then you will behold me moving in my mighty power and see salvation coming to this land!
Thanks to Call the Nation to Prayer who originally published this Word.


David Gilbey, Jan 2018

How long will you waver between two opinions?
1 Kings 18, the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal, is one of those passages of Scripture that has
drawn my attention many times over the years..
On 24th January, I was with my ‘Praying Men’ group and during a powerful time of intercession over our
nation, felt drawn to a particular aspect of the passage. The next morning, I reflected upon it some more and
wrote this.
David Gilbey

My thoughts were taken to 1 Kings 18, in the context of speaking out for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the
lukewarm attitude of not only much of The Church, but people generally to the message of Christianity in the UK

To varying degrees and over a number of years, we have all been ‘seduced’ by the spirit of secularism and
pluralism. It has caused us to ‘waver’, be uncertain, not just of Christian values, but of any values – what is
true and not true? – people are increasingly calling what has traditionally been held to be right, wrong and
conversely, wrong, right! We base our values on our own preferences and desires. No longer on the ‘solid
rock I stand’, but increasingly ‘sinking sand’. And we are slowly but surely ‘going under’.

Much of this ‘drift’ is led by the Media, both mainstream and increasingly social media. There is ‘fake’ news,
agendas being pushed, those seeking ‘fame’, power and influence and financial gain too is a particular root.
But some is a deliberate and ‘spiritual attack’ by Satan and his minions to ‘kill, steal and destroy’, to totally
destabilise all things, bring anarchy and strife, destroy families and relationships and to completely turn our
hearts from Jesus and His life bringing message of hope and a future.

16 So Obadiah [the prophet] went to meet [King] Ahab and told him [that he had seen Elijah], and Ahab went
to meet Elijah. 17 When he saw Elijah, he said to him, “Is that you, you troubler of Israel?” 18 “I have not
made trouble for Israel,” Elijah replied. “But you and your father’s family have. You have abandoned the
Lord’s commands and have followed the Baals [a false god of the time].

Elijah wasn’t going along with the ‘status-quo’, he dared to be different, to speak out against the evils in the
society in which he lived and for truth – The Lord his God. But because of this, he was regarded as a
troublemaker! Sound familiar today?

Where are the men and women who will speak out today for The Lord? Where are those who refuse to ‘bow
the knee’ to a lie and to stand up for what is right, for the truths of God’s Word? We have been seduced, we
slumber! We have slowly, but surely slipped away from the statutes of Almighty God and bowed to ‘idols’ and
followed after ‘false gods’!

A Call to a nation. Return to God!

19 Now summon the people from all over Israel to meet me on Mount Carmel. And bring the four hundred and
fifty prophets of Baal and the four hundred prophets of Asherah, who eat at Jezebel’s table.” 20 So Ahab sent
word throughout all Israel and assembled the prophets on Mount Carmel.

I wonder how many people from Israel there were? Maybe many tens of thousands? And how many of the
opposition? Less than one thousand.

I’m sure the ‘prophets’ looked really impressive! Robes, staffs, big hats, the lot! They would have probably
looked like ‘the real deal’ – full of themselves and their ‘authority’. It’s the same today – big name media
personalities, ‘stars’ politicians, business leaders, academics and so called ‘experts’, in a plethora of fields,
all with strong opinions and views and predictions.
But often they carry very much a minority view – often amplified and elevated to sound like the majority! And
we are seduced into listening then following them!

21 Elijah went before the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is
God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” But the people said nothing. [my highlight]

Oh how easy it is to be silent! It uses no energy or brain power, it upsets no-one and leaves you room to
manoeuvre when a challenge comes or expediency dictates. You can ‘blow with the wind’, be popular with
all… but it can so quickly make you like a sheep, silently led to its slaughter!

(Verses 22- 35) We know the story, Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to bring down fire and to light a
sacrifice of damp wood and sliced up bull! They failed! They produced much hot air with their frantic prayers
and prophesying, but their god remained silent, the wood wet!

36 At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed: “Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac
and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and have done all these
things at your command. 37 Answer me, Lord, answer me, so these people will know that you, Lord, are God,
and that you are turning their hearts back again.” 38 Then the fire of the Lord fell and burned up the
sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and also licked up the water in the trench.

When challenged to put up or shut up, the false prophets failed to deliver. Their ‘god’ was silent, all they stood
for was actually ‘smoke and mirrors’ – no substance, no reality – their total falseness was exposed! Their fate
was sealed!

One man dared to stand and confront them, in total faith and confidence that the God he served was true to
Himself and His Word and the anticipated fire from heaven fell!

39 When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, “The Lord—he is God! The Lord—he is God!”

Well that was a dramatic and sudden change of opinion! From saying nothing, hedging their bets, doubting,
fearing, maybe through stubbornness and rebellion, all the people, the entire nation of Israel fell to the floor
and acknowledged The Lord their God!

God does not cease to be someone’s God while they don’t acknowledge Him. He remains, as from their
conception, their loving Heavenly Father, waiting, longing, oh so patiently for his children to see and
acknowledge Him, to put Him in the rightful place in their thoughts and deeds. He is constantly ready to
welcome them home!

But here we see that to accomplish this ‘nation turning’ something dramatic was required – a move so
powerful, so undeniable, that none would doubt or any longer be in fear to stand out from the crowd and be
counted. In fact, it was so dramatic, that there was no longer a crowd of ‘un-believers’ to stand out from!

I believe that the ‘fire of God’, the same ‘fire’ that those on Elijah’s mountain saw and the same that fell at the
first Pentecost in the book of Acts, the ‘fire of The Holy Spirit’, the ‘fire’ that caused a stumbling, uneducated
fisherman called Peter to stand in front of a vast crowd and instantly see three-thousand turn and accept the
message of Jesus Christ, is about to fall again and this time it will be on our nation.

God is preparing to send a Holy Spirit Revival to the United Kingdom. It will not be three-thousand who
respond, but up and down our nation, countless thousands, millions. Could even our whole nation be
changed? Yes, it could.

But it needs ‘a man’, ‘a woman’, to stand and confront! It needs Believers in Jesus Christ to take audacious
steps of faith, faith that is spelt R.I.S.K! It needs ordinary people to speak out, boldly step out of the ‘sand’ and
onto the ‘rock’ again, time to call out the false and to call down Pentecostal life-changing fire from heaven
upon our land. How long will you waver between two opinions?


Liz Evans Word for UK – Call for Christians to pray for the Nation

Sharon Stone was chatting to Liz in the green room at a conference and asked her, “I believe God has given you a high level Word for the UK about castles.”

Liz Asked her how she knew, and Sharon replied that God had told her about it.

Liz went on to tell Sharon what God had been showing her:

“God is doing a work of restoration in His church at the moment. He is restoring the church to Himself in intimacy and commitment, He is restoring the church to one another in unity, And He is restoring authority to the church.…

What is authority? Authority is the spiritual right and power to enforce His Kingdom rule to the world and in our lives.

God gave me a picture. In this picture I was having balls thrown at my head and I was being knocked over. And then quickly the picture changed. I was learning to duck and dive, and the enemy was throwing balls at me, but none of them were hitting me because I was getting wiser. But then God showed me the 3rd picture. And in the 3rd picture, I had the ball. And it was now you run. That’s where the church is in this season. This is key for where we are as a nation. Some of you have been downtrodden and things have come against you in your lives but you’ve got more mature, you’ve learned how to walk in spite of those things and in spite of the things that have been happening in our nation. But you see in this season God is giving us the ball, and He’s expecting us to do something with the authority that He is giving us.

Where are we as a nation, and what does He want us to do with that authority? I want to tell you a story of our nation. In the 11th century, 1066, the Normans came over, and they conquered the country, and they put the whole of the country under King William. William the conqueror. And in order to establish and perpetuate their rule, they embarked on a series of castle building. Please note that at this point they already had authority in the land. It was theirs. But they built these castles to do certain things. They were a place of presence in the area, they were visible, so they made a statement. And they proclaimed the rule of the King and defended the land that had been given to them. They were places of watch, seeing what the enemy was doing, seeing what was happening, and they sorted it out, they brought safety and they enforced his rule. They enforced the rule of the kingdom.

A place of presence. A place to bring rule and order, and enforce the rule of the King, that’s justice in the land. And a place of watch, a place of prayer. What does that sound like to you? That is our remit as the church of Christ. To be the castles in the nation. This is the function of the church. You might say well that’s a nice parallel Liz, it kind of works, but why is that pertinent to the Word for the UK at the moment, at this Kairos time in our nation? Because you know that a Kairos time is now. It’s a window of time. It’s not a Chronos time which is on going.

We’re at a key time. It passes. And I need to tell you that while I’m being calm and considered because I want to communicate this to you, inside me there is a cry and I want to be on my knees before God saying O god, let us not miss this time as your people because it will not come again. And the issue of timing is key. Timing and application are what makes a prophecy, after interpretation, effective. We don’t just want to get the revelation; we want to bring forth the fruit that God intended.

Now the function of a castle took on a particular importance at a certain time in the nation. And this is where we are. When King William was getting older, castle building became a key strategy because when a monarch dies, it’s a key time, it’s ripe, for the rule of the land, of the occupying force, to be challenged. It’s a vulnerable time. It needs covering. So their castle building increased to be a presence and impose rule. You know what’s coming. Since receiving this Word I’ve been hearing from God and then prophetic voices around the kingdom and the world, in totally different streams of the church, talking about the Queen. And I’ve realised that they’re picking up on it too. One of the prophets I was talking to at lunchtime, one of the speakers in the speakers lounge said; not knowing what I was going to bring or even that I was going to bring this this afternoon; “Hey Liz I had a vision, I had a vision that the Queen was lying in state, she’d died, and then this man came and stood next to me and he said this ‘the mantle of authority and peace that the Queen has carried since the moment she had hands laid on her as Queen, lifted when she stopped breathing.”

And things are about to change. This same person had friends who lost a child. And the Queen wrote to them, and she said can I meet you in a hotel? And this isn’t a vision, this is true. And she went to them and she wept with them and she knelt with them and she prayed. And they said the presence of God that came while the Queen was praying with them was immense. You see she’s carrying something. A mantle of authority, and peace.

Do you remember our 3 balls picture? I have to tell you that the authority ball is about to be passed. And this is a Kairos time in our nation. It’s a time when the rule of the occupying force of the land will be challenged. So our castle building needs to increase, to be a presence, and impose the rule of the Kingdom. And that has great benefits to us. The places of authority were also places of provision. When we bring order and peace to our nation and into our nation from heaven, we benefit. Our children and our loved ones prosper. But I have to tell you that we have a window of time, a Kairos, to pray.

And He is restoring the authority to the church. There’s a unity about this prayer movement. As we come together and pray for our nation at this time. You see the time of the intercessors being isolated is being drawing to a close. They’re being drawn into the castle to bring power and to enhance rule. Because He is restoring the church to one another.

And God kept speaking to me about what was happening historically. It’s interesting to me that just after the Normans took over, when the castles were being raised up, the Magna Carta was written. When God was talking to me about this, this fell out of the drawer. And it happens to be a piece of the Magna Carta. And it says this, ‘The English church shall be free, with her rights and liberties unchanged’. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed but recently the freedoms of the church, especially around who they employ, what they believe and what they say, have been in question. Even in minute detail in believers’ lives. Whether you can wear a cross to work. The rights and liberties of the church were set in place in this nation. But, they need a watch.

And in the Magna Carta I noticed another sentence. ‘No free man shall be imprisoned without a proper trial by jury.’ What’s that? Justice. And that one has very real challenges in a time of terrorism and immigration. And our government needs wisdom.

What were the castles? A place of watch. And a place of rule, a place where we pray for these things.

And then I had a dream, and it terrified me. It’s a dream which tells of a time yet to come. And in the dream I found myself standing on a pavement, and there were people close, and then a black car came by. And there was a coffin in the car, and the car was covered in flowers. And I realised this dream looked forward to a time when the Queens rule was passing. In the dream it had happened, and we didn’t pray.’ I was terrified. I have to tell you that the authority ball will be passed. And God is raising up castles all over the land to defend the country. To establish His presence, His rule, and bring order in His Kingdom, to earth.

And there will be princes in this nation, men and women that God is raising up into a place of authority in government, in industry, government, education and in the church to take a place with God, Israel. He’s putting a name upon you of rule for this nation. Mordecai said to Esther ‘for such a time as this’. And there’s also a company of believers who are going to take their places on the walls behind those men, and pick up the watch for our nation. Esther prayed and fasted when she was in trouble. The Jews prayed and fasted. And this is what it says in Esther 8 v 11. The Kings granted to the Jews in every city the right to assemble and protect themselves. Of course I’m not talking about people. We battle not against people. We battle against principalities and powers of this dark age.

The castles are a place of presence. What does it say in the Psalms? ‘God is present in the company of the righteous’. And you’ve been raised for such a time as this my friends. The ball will be passed. But we have a window.

And I have to tell you that application of Words is vital and if the soil doesn’t receive and respond to this Word there will be no fruit. And I’m not going to tell you who they are but the prophet at lunchtime told me what the fruit would be if we don’t pick up this Word and fight with it. But I’m looking here for good soil. Soil that produces a crop. 30% 60% or even 100%. Because our nation depends on it. Let me tell you, are we going to have 30% of our nation left to us, 60% of our nation left to us, or 100%?

And this is a ‘masa’ Word; it’s an intercession Word. The Bible talks about the watchman of Israel as dogs that didn’t bark, well the watchman of the church are barking. All over this nation. And we’re beginning to hear it. And we need the watch and the prayer to come forth in response to that. Because we will never have such a strong position in this nation again if we don’t. This is vital. We’ve got to hold the land that we’ve been given. Because it’s our watch. So who’s going to carry that ball in prayer? So that the authority ball is passed well and it’s not dropped? If you’re a leader, we’re going to commission you that you go and call people together for prayer.

And He also told me that we were to prayer walk and proclaim and that the authority of God comes where our feet tread. And I want you to understand your authority because He is the King and we are bringing the declaration that He is the King of all the earth. And  that He is the King of the nation for evermore. There will be no break in His Kingship. He has given it to us and we will hold it. The time of the priests of God to rule is arising because His Kingdom is coming. It’s time for the sons. And it’s time to anoint the priests. Leaders who will take up the watch of God. The Bible says that creation is longing for the sons of God to be revealed.

Liz Evans is part of ‘Love Has a Voice’ which offers prophetic mentoring, prophetic courses and workshops, along with outreach activities.

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There are also a number of older prophet words that seem to be being fulfilled in these days, or may be soon:

Significant Prophecies for UK Revival and Europe
Mother Barbara 1911.

Mother Barbara was Abbess of the Convent of the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem from Russia in
1911. The Prophecy was given by one of the monks there who was praying for her father, in a monastery
north of Moscow. She had gone there to ask them to pray for her father who was in danger. As a result she
believes they were able to leave Russia. She went to Jerusalem where she has lived ever since. When the
monks were praying for her father, one of them had prophesied and she had written it all down. She
translated the prophecy from Russian and this is part of it:
“An evil will shortly overtake Russia and wherever this evil comes, rivers of blood will flow. It is not the
Russian soul, but an imposition on the Russian soul. It is not an ideology, or a philosophy, but a spirit from
hell. In the last days Germany will be divided in two. France will just be nothing. Italy will be judged by
natural disasters. Britain will lose her empire and all her colonies and will come to almost total ruin, BUT
WILL BE SAVED BY PRAYING WOMEN. America will feed the world, but will finally collapse… Finally
Russia will be free and from her, believers will go forth and turn many from the nations to God….”

Smith Wigglesworth 1947

During the next few decades there will be two distinct moves of the Holy Spirit across the church in
Great Britain. The first move will affect every church that is open to receive it, and will be characterised
by the restoration of the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The second move of the Holy Spirit will result in people leaving historic churches and planting
new churches. In the duration of each of these moves, the people who are involved will say, “This
is a great revival.” But the Lord says, “No, neither is this the great revival but both are steps
towards it.”
When the new church phase is on the wane, there will be evidence in the churches of something
that has not been seen before: a coming together of those with an emphasis on the word and
those with an emphasis on the Spirit.
When the word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest move of the Holy Spirit that
the nations, and indeed, the world have ever seen. It will mark the beginning of a revival that will
eclipse anything that has been witnessed within these shores, even the Wesleyan and Welsh
revivals of former years.
The outpouring of God’s Spirit will flow over from the United Kingdom to mainland Europe, and
from there, will begin a missionary move to the ends of the earth.

Jean Darnell 1967 (condensed)

During 1967, American evangelist Jean Darnall, on her first trip to England (en-route to Hong Kong) had the last of three recurring visions. The third time she had the vision she was staying in the manse at St. Mary’s Church in Poole, Dorset, England. In these visions she was looking down upon the United Kingdom, having a birds-eye view of the British Isles.

Vision Of Revival In Great Britain

“The British Isles were covered in mist (a green haze), and I saw lots of pinpoints of light piercing through. As I looked, they turned out to be fires breaking out all over the nation, from Scotland in the North, to Lands End in the South. As these God-lit fires were joined together they burned brighter. As I continued to pray, I saw lightning and explosions of fire and then rivers of fire flowing from North to South; from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales into England and some of the streams of fires crossed the channel into Europe, whilst others stopped.
These fires were pockets of people who had been made intensely hungry for the word of God and for New Testament Christianity, those who read the book of Acts and wondered “where is this church?” These people would come together to pray and extra meetings would have to be laid on to accommodate all the people. Groups would be formed, prayer groups, Bible study groups – some would meet in churches, others would be in homes: some converted, others unconverted who were searching and seeking.

Two Moves Of God
I asked the Lord about the vision and had the distinct impression that there would be two moves of God.
1. Renewal In The Church
The first would be the renewal of Christian faith and fullness of the Holy Spirit within the church.
2. National Awakening And World Vision
This renewal of life in the church would spread outside resulting in a public awakening. The second part of the vision was the lightning striking around the nation. This move of God would be a national spiritual awakening, which would move into every level of the nation’s life; on the campuses, universities, colleges, schools etc., into the media and in the government.
There would be so many conversions that it would actually change the character of the nation of Britain and determine the future move of God in Europe. there would not be a part of the nation’s life that will not feel the impact of the spiritual awakening when God releases it to the country.
Great Preachers
The Lord will also raise up highly anointed preachers who would move in signs and wonders. These people would be a gift to Britain.
Communicators Reaching Britain And Europe
The word ‘communicators’ was strongly laid upon my heart and as the rivers of fire moved, it would produce powerfully gifted communicators who would address the nation through the media, (Through the arts, journalism, the radio and television). Actors, singers, teachers and powerful communicators (who have an anointing to work through the media) will be the new warriors that the Lord is raising up for His army [the younger generation] to reach the heart of the people on the European Continent. People with a special anointing will be sent out from these islands (of Britain) to other nations. These communicators will be excellent in all that they do and will go into Europe and meet those of like quality (in training and abilities) and together they will work to release God’s word speedily into Europe. This will result in another wave of a spiritual awakening into Europe. Also, there will be communicators in government and within the educational system and wherever people are speaking [up] for others.”
The vision of 1967 came at the time of the early Charismatic renewals within the UK. Jean Darnall, in response to this recurring vision, stayed in Britain for over two decades along with her husband to help nurture the fires that God lit.
Jean Darnall lives in Hawaii working with YWAM, and still anticipates the impending mass awakening of Great Britain and beyond as revealed in these visions.


John Mulinde 2nd Feb 1999

The following is a summary of a prophetic word that the Lord gave to John Mulinde concerning the
nations of Europe. John Mulinde is the leader of a ministry known as WORLD TRUMPET MISSION. He
is based in Kampala, Uganda, from where he pursues a vision to reach the whole world with a trumpet call
to the nations to arise and prepare the way for the Lord. His ministry is inter-denominational and maintains
good working relations with all Evangelical Christians both within Uganda and on the international scene.
“What I am going to share below is just a part of a bigger picture that the Lord allowed me to see with
astounding clarity. It concerns the destiny of nations in the near future. The whole picture cuts across the
world, covering nations like USA, UK, France and the rest of Europe, as well as Israel, the former Soviet
Union and the African continent.
One day as we prayed for Western Europe, I had a picture shown me in the Spirit. In this picture I saw the
map of the continent of Europe, and as I looked, there came out of this map a big pillar of smoke. It was a
tall, thick and dark pillar of heavy black fumes as from a factory chimney. From the pillar came a thin mist
and it began spreading out almost imperceptibly, but within a short time it had formed a dark film over the
entire continent of Europe. As the mist grew the features below blurred out and became difficult to
distinguish under the film of black fumes.
Then, suddenly, I saw a small light spring out within the Isles of the UK. It grew rapidly with finger-like
rays of light spreading out in all directions. The rays to the South spread out wider and with longer beams
than the rest, and soon cut across the European mainland. For some time they disappeared into the thick
black cloud rising and spreading over the rest of Europe. Then they broke through and reappeared from
within the fumes. They spread out even farther touching across the entire African continent, eastwards
across Asia and Australia and westwards across North and South America. Then the picture disappeared
as suddenly as it had appeared and in its place came a scripture:
Isaiah 60:1-5
Arise, shine for thy light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness
shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people, but the Lord shall rise upon you, and his glory shall
be seen upon thee. And the nations shall come upon thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.Lift
up your eyes round about, and see: they all gather themselves together, they come to thee; thy sons shall 

come from far and thy daughters shall be nursed at thy side.Then thou shall see, and flow together and
your heart shall fear and be enlarged because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, the
forces of the nations shall come to thee.
Later, as I continued to seek God about the meaning of this picture, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me. He
said the picture was a representation of what was happening in the spiritual realm of Europe right now. I
cannot quote everything word for word but the following is the sum of revelation I received:
“A thick darkness is rising out of the continent of Europe right now. It is going to grow in intensity and will
soon cover the whole continent, and on to the rest of the world. It is a force of evil. Wherever it will gain
full control over any land, it will turn the hearts of the people totally away from God. They will then hate
anything to do with God, with righteousness or indeed with any goodness. Sanity will be cast overboard,
and people will call good evil and evil good. They will desire to give vent to the basest animal passions in
them and will look for wilder and wilder ways of doing this. They will enjoy evil and will love all others
who enjoy it.”
In this vision I understood clearly that because of the above conditions many unbelievers would perish
without Christ, and many Christians who are weak and staggering would lose their endurance and give in
to evil. But the Lord of love and compassion has a plan to pour out revival and cause righteousness to
The Spirit of the Lord said to me, “The light that you saw is my power of renewal soon to be released upon
the land and people of Europe. It will come if my people give themselves wholeheartedly to seeking my
face. Its coming will be like a great storm. It will be a mighty power against the darkness and will protect
my people from the effect of the invasion of darkness. Wherever the light will break out, the darkness shall
be neutralized and defeated. But this calls for the co-operation of my people in seeking for it to happen.”
Later the Lord said to me, “say to my people in Britain Arise and shine for the light of the Lord has come
upon you… ” (please read verses 1,2& 3 of Isaiah 60 for the full text.)
Yes, … I understood the Lord to be clearly calling Britain into a special place of responsibility. While the
darkness is rising fast in the nations, and many are losing all sense of direction God will call Britain to
birth a new thing. A great light will spring out of Britain. It will be a wind of the Holy Spirit and will sweep
across the whole of Europe like a bush fire. Indeed it shall stretch out to the ends of the world where it will
join with other fires in world-wide revival.
If you will answer this call, Oh Britain…
And give yourself to institute prayer in your land…
And seek the Lord with all your heart…
With groaning and travailing prayer, even as a woman in labor pains…
Yes… if you will repent of your sin and iniquities…
If you will heal the wounded hearts within you…
And cause unity to abound among your people.
Oh, if you will return to your redemptive purpose…
And again be faithful to the work of being a witness of the Gospel in the nations…
Then God will release upon you a mighty outpouring of His Spirit.
You will again be clothed with the Glory of the Lord.
You will be a nation that bears the name of the Lord like a banner in the sky.
Other nations will see what God is doing in you.
Yes, those that are struggling against the domineering darkness looming over their territories will call out
to you for help and assistance.
Then you will be used by the Lord to bring light and redemption to many, even as in the olden days.
That is God’s redemptive purpose for you.

There are many in Europe and beyond who would choose Christ, given a fair chance to decide, but up to
now, they are still blinded and cannot see Christ. There are many, too, who are Christians but are weak,
wounded and weary; they have no strength to resist. If you will rise up to the challenge then the Lord will
use you to take the light to such as these. Then even if the rising darkness covers their land, they will
survive its destructive influence because of the revival power of God. Such is the responsibility God is
laying upon you: to birth the revival that will spread out to the rest of Europe.
If you do not rise up to your calling God will let you go as He said in Proverbs 1:22-33 (Please read that
God will cause Judgement to come upon you, Britain, for you have neglected and forsaken your destiny as
a great Missionary Nation, and for not paying heed when God offered you an opportunity of Grace.
It was God s plan from the beginning to use you to take the Good News to the Nations of the world. That is
why, from the beginning, He allowed you great authority as a maritime nation: that you may travel far and
wide. It was his hand that allowed you to establish an empire covering almost the entire world. It was not
just for your pride, but so that in the process, you may win over the peoples of those nations to Him. Yes, it
was even Him that blessed your language ENGLISH into becoming the most widely spoken language in the
world. He intended to use it as a medium of communication, effectively linking the peoples of the world.
Your great missionaries were used to Christianize many lands. Your statesmen helped to end slave trade
and to lay a foundation from which the people of God within the nations are rising to make their
contribution to world evangelization. There is a lot for you to repent of in what you did in the nations but
the good things remain, nevertheless.
(Please read again Isaiah 60:4-5. This contains the rest of the prophetic revelation that I understood God
to be saying, specifically to Britain)
Look! Your sons and daughters come from afar and gather themselves unto you. These I understand to be
people from the lands once ruled by the UK – stretching across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia.
They will again form a holy alliance with you and in this networking great and mighty things shall come to
Many will come from Africa and the rest of the Third World and will be used by the Lord God to bless you
spiritually. In some places they will take over your abandoned places of worship and will bring new life to
them and great blessing in Revival. That is why the Lord says (verse 5) “…then you shall see, and flow
together, and your heart shall fear, and be enlarged…”
This will demand great humbling on your part, but God shall lift you up. These are the last days and God
is calling every nation to take up its position in God’s redemptive purpose and fulfil their calling. You are
not the first nation in God’s calling, but neither are you the last. Do not let pride hinder you. Look at the
gifting God has allowed you to acquire over the years, and the unique position you hold in relation to
Europe, America, Africa and, indeed, Asia. Turn now and do not allow yourself to miss God’s timing. All
Europe is going to pass through a very painful struggle between two aggressive forces: Light Vs.
Darkness! God has called you to play a crucial role, so arise!
I will say briefly of France that, as a nation, it needs a lot more prayer now than ever before. In May 1997,
just before I visited France, I received a very unusual impression upon my heart. I was praying for France
and I felt deep in my spirit that God is pushing France into a position that it has not experienced for a very
long time: being at crossroads. He is giving France a chance to reconsider her destiny. On the one hand is
this darkness rising over the nations of Europe, and on the other, is the Revival God is about to send to
sweep Europe.

I felt deep in my spirit that God is giving a period of two years to France during which everything done
will be like a seed for the future.
If the church in France will arise in unity to cry out to God to remember mercy…
If it will work at cleansing the land, reconciliation, and instituting prayer all over the land…
Yes… if deep, travailing prayer will rise to God in desperate seeking, then the Lord will certainly visit
France with a new refreshing touch
But, if complacency reigns, and the nation drifts further away from the Lord of Hosts…
If the church does not rise up to the challenge, there is no doubt that a great judgement will come upon
France and no one will be able to save it. It would be totally consumed by the dark cloud of evil hovering
over the continent. The whole destiny of the land depends on what the church will do in the next two years.
If it will, the church can determine the course of this great nation.
I do not claim, at all, to understand the full meaning of the above word. I believe that a lot needs to be
made clear to me, and I am eager to allow the Lord to teach me. I, however, feel a great sense of urgency
for France. The next two years are two crucial years that France should not waste. Whatever is sown is
what will be reaped.
As people from other nations God has burdened us to pray for Europe. All we can do is pledge our
faithfulness in this, and also a willingness to come over and share experiences God has taught us in
praying for Revival in our own nations. It will take a lot of work to produce the required results in Europe.
It will also call for substantial contribution from people or other nations. May His will be accomplished!”

Malcolm Duncan 2016

In March 2016, the World Prayer Centre hosted the WATCHING 2016 national prayer conference at The
Hayes conference centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire. Over 240 people gathered for powerful time of seeking
God, prayer, being equipped and released with fresh vision and prayer strategy. Rev Malcolm Duncan of
Goldhill Baptist church was our guest speaker for the third year. Malcolm Duncan brought a significant
prophetic word to the Church in these Islands at our conference. It builds on important words spoken by
Smith Wigglesworth (1947) and Jean Darnell (1967) of God’s call on Great Britain.
“I am not prone to saying the Spirit has said something, unless I really believe the Holy Spirit has said
something. Let me say before I say what I am about to say that my understanding of New Testament
prophecy is that it is quantitatively different from Old Testament prophecy and it should always be
presaged with the acknowledgement that you might be wrong and it should always be presaged with an
invitation to the person over who you are prophesying to turn to the scriptures to see if these things are so,
and it should always be presaged with the acknowledgement that you have got it wrong – so what I am
about to say is said in that context – on the plus side that means you can’t stone me!
“So I was really praying about this and I wasn’t expecting to be delivering this to you at all as we began
on Monday…with Ian talking about communion and, as he was talking about communion, Denis shouted
“And brother I came into the kingdom in 1947” and the minute he said it I thought, “I think God is saying
something to me.”
“I think Denis, I don’t know if God uses you like this, I think he used you as a prophetic voice – and I want
you to know that. So what came into my head was – “the Smith Wigglesworth prophecy of 1947”.

“I mentioned it the other day, and I turned to Pauline and said, “Did Smith Wigglesworth prophesy his
prophecy in 1947?”, and she said, “I don’t know but I was born in 1947.”
“But as soon as I heard Denis I thought of the Smith Wigglesworth prophecy, which was very unusual for
me and made me think – “What are you saying Lord?”. I went back and I read it again and thought –
“There is something stirring in my spirit here.” That prophecy had several stages, some of you will know
it, you will find it on the internet – an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the birthing of new churches and then
the churches come together in Word and Spirit, and then the decline of churches – and then a fresh move
of the Holy Spirit – going out into continental Europe.
“2017 is 70 years after the prophecy was given. 2017 is also 50 years after Jean Darnall’s prophecy,
which was given in 1967, when she saw little fires across the UK ablaze and then a river flowing through
the UK and into Europe.
“I don’t talk like this. I’m a Bible expositor, I am a theologian. I don’t talk like this.
“I thought, “Is God saying something with these two things?”. The 50th year after Jean Darnall’s
prophecy, a year of jubilee. The 70th year after Smith Wigglesworth prophecy, just like there were 70
years of captivity for Israel – and I don’t want to overstate this because I am trying to stay grounded in all
of this – but I feel like Daniel must have felt like when he found Jeremiah’s promise after 70 years and
said, after 70 years I am going to do something.
“I lead Spring Harvest and for three years I have been working on an act of unity across the United
Kingdom that will see all of the evangelical bible conventions and celebrations declaring that whatever
our theological differences are, we are one in Christ Jesus. It is going to involve 130,000 Christians from
March through to October next year – perhaps as many as a quarter of a million. It will begin with Spring
Harvest and end with the Festival of Life, perhaps the biggest gathering of Christians in Britain in the
Excel Centre in October. They are all on board.
“It will be the biggest demonstration of Christian unity that we have seen in the evangelical church in the
United Kingdom for almost two hundred years – and they’ve all said “Yes” – there’s the miracle! They’re
all on board, and I am sure the Bible says,
“Where the brethren dwell together in unity, the Lord commands a blessing.”
“2017 is also the 500th anniversary of the reformation. Martin Luther’s moment on October 31st 1517,
when he nailed 95 theses to the gate at Wittenberg and said, “I have questions about where we are going”.
“I think 2017 is a significant year, and I believe we are going to see a move of God in the United Kingdom
in 2017 and I believe God is asking us to get ready. He is asking us to raise our faith and expectation, to
raise our commitment to prayer, to raise our eyes off what we are seeing around us, to take our eyes off the
feeling and the falling and the decaying and to lift our eyes to him; and I think that move of God is going to
have six significant elements to it.:
1. The first is that he will expose the hearts of those in our churches who currently have been ‘churched’
but not converted; Christians but not converted.
2. He will strengthen the hearts of those who love Christ, and I think strategically in that are people like
Justin Welby and Pope Francis. I think that God is using these men and that there are some remarkable
leaders in the Anglican Church, some remarkable leaders in the established churches, who are discovering
new confidence, new passion, new energy for the Gospel and I think the hearts of those who love Christ
will be strengthened in 2017 in a particular way.
3. I think God is going to revive and strengthen small local churches, that He is going to give new
confidence and hope and purpose and meaning to what you and I would describe as ordinary church.

That it is not going to the big central churches with thousands in them that will herald what God wants to do,
but it will be a birthing of new hope and energy and expectation and passion in small local congregations.
I don’t think it will end in 2017; it will start in 2017.
4. I think that God is going to give us a fresh confidence in the Gospel. I think that God is going to give us
a fresh openness to the Holy Spirit, as we delve into His Word.
5. God is going to give the broader Church a deeper yearning for prayer for the nation and the lost.
6. Lastly, God is to birth a passion for the gospel to spread from the United Kingdom across the continent
of Europe.
“However He does it, I think there are three keys, the three steps in what I sense God is saying are very
simple – these are to:

  •  Come before Him in repentance
  •  Come before Him in dependence
  •  Come before Him in authenticity

“I don’t think it is going to be a signs and wonders movement. I don’t think it is going to be all bells and
all whistles. I think this is going to be the birthing of people living authentic lives in God. Lives that will be
attractional (sic) to others and I think that God wants to birth something here that will spread across
Europe and I think that you are privileged, not to listen to me, but I think you are privileged to be in this
room, and I think you need to take that seriously and decide if you will sow in faith and prophetically call
a movement of the Holy Spirit into life that He is waiting for us to respond to.”

Collated by Jo Ognjanovic, Director Coventry Prayer House. October 2017.